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We have to produce and develop the kinds of things we want to see and work to eradicate the things we don’t want to see in our communities. I am calling on like-minded leaders in associations, businesses, churches, masjids, masonic lodges, mosques, political parties, schools, and the synagogues to put aside differences so that we can make our neighborhoods the way we know they should be.

We can’t rely on individuals that are not invested here to get us this result. You see, I come from the old school of thought where, “we want for our brothers and sisters, what we want for ourselves” . This expression obligates leaders to develop institutions that increase respect for our communities, and produce businesses that offers dignifying services and products to the residents.  Like-minded leaders are finding ways network mentor others so that the baton can be passed to the next generation. Should we fall, who will carry on our legacy if we are not teaching others to do what we do? Building, Networking Educating, and Mentoring is how I know we will “Hold The Line” as encouraged by the Mayor of Newark, NJ, the Honorable Mayor Ras Baraka.

We have to teach one another to, “Do For Self” by investing in ourselves. “The Light Is On”, so we can see the pathway to success, and “We Can Not Stop Now” that we have see the light. We have to be the ones that will elect our leaders at every level of government despite the nefarious tactics employed by individuals that suppress, and oppress our communities. Otherwise we will not have advocates in place when we need systemic progress to improve quality of education, quality of opportunities, and quality of life for ourselves and our brothers and sisters.

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