This is Tariq Raheem with RAH Development LLC.

Before I went into teaching I was a Drywall Contractor, but over the years I stayed connected with the industry by doing referrals. I helped many contractors get construction work. I am looking for Contractors that want to add their business card to my new Digital Directory. This service is FREE to the Contractor and the Consumer. All you have to do is take a picture of your business card and email the picture as an attachment to


With the decline and near obsolete Yellow Pages I found that more people are having challenges finding great contractors to do their work. People often ask me if I know of good contractors that do electrical, plumbing, asphalt, landscaping, moving, cleaning, and others professions in the construction trade. I prefer to give them at least three professionals so that they can weigh their options and prices.

If you don’t have a business card but want to be be connected email me at

Let’s work to build our cities brick by brick, nail by nail.

The Digital Directory will be be launched soon, and is FREE, especially since I have the website anyway for some of my other enterprises connected with RAH Development LLC.